Product Information

The most authentic traditional South Indian pickles, powders and ready mixes - straight from a mother's kitchen to your dinner table Only the finest ingredients: specially selected vegetables, seeds such as fenugreek, mustard and sesame as well as spices such as garlic, hing, coriander, mint, karivepaku are utilized to provide the most authentic tastes, smells, and textures.

No MSG, no BHT, no gluten, no trans-fats, no artificial colors, no preservatives, no machines, no gears, no rollers and no assembly lines. In other words - simply no nonsense!

You have to taste to believe it! This is not just any another company selling pickles and powders. These are home made with skill and quality tested by real people. Just tender loving and caring family recipes.

One taste lifts your spirits!


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where are you located?  
    We are at 350 Timber Hill Dr. Morganville, NJ 007751
  2. How long does it take to receive once the order is placed? 
    We usually ship the next day by 2-day US Mail Priority Mail (unless we are wiating for one or more items to arrive by our Courier Service) 
  3. Where do you ship the items from? 
    From Morganville, New Jersey.
  4. Where are the pickles made? 
    They are made in Hyderabad India at our family friends' home. They are absolutely home made - no factories, no machinery. Made by a housewife with the help of the family members and household helpers.
  5. Where are the recipes from? 
    These are the authentic family recipes. The family comes from Tenali, Gunturu, Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad.
  6. How do you get it from India? 
    By express courier service. Comes in about 3 days from India. So the pickles and powders are as fresh as they get.
  7. Can we customize the spice and other ingredient levels? 
    For the seasonal items - yes we can if the order size is at least 5kg or more; give us about 10 days time.
  8. Can you cater to the big parties and functions? 
    Yes definitely. We can give you in the quantities that suits your occasion -1/2kg packets or 1kg packets. 
  9. Our friends and neighbors together want to place a large combined order. Can we get discount? 
    Yes definitely. If we can ship your bulk order to one place then we can give you discount or free product based on the order size.
  10. What oil do you use? 
    We use Idayam brand Sesame Oil. For Avakaya varieties, this year we are planning to use the oil straight from the "gaanuga" the mill so that we can get the best quality. 
  11. Do you sell any other items such as Sweets or Snacks? 
    No, we do not. We are currently concentrating on Pickles, Powders and Pulihora Mix. 
  12. What other products do you sell? 
    We have Pulihora Ready Mix, Ratnam Puttur Beetlenut powder, Athreyapuram Mango Jelly.